Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's all good...

For several days this past week, we were immersed in learning about and eliminating the presence of head lice. At first it felt hopeless... hair gels, combs, nit picking and a never-ending stream of laundry. Not to mention that we couldn't stop scratching ourselves, mostly from being creeped out. Then we found a local service that guarantees removal so several hundred dollars later, we were pretty happy.

Instead of going straight home we stopped at "the Mary woods" for a hike along the outdoor rosary and a visit to the gift shop. "The Mary Woods" is Maria's name for a local replica of the Lourdes shrine run by the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity.


It's a wonderful, healing place and I have gotten many an answer praying in the grotto. As we walked the icy path, Maria asked me why God created lice. I had no answer in the moment because I couldn't think of one redeeming quality for lice, fleas, cockroaches, flies and other creepy-crawlies that share the earth. Then this morning I read something that put it in perspective.

A dear and generous customer recently gifted me with a little book called "The Way" by Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Divided into sections like Prayer, Character, Direction and Charity, it's filled with 999 brief teachings to help us see and embrace "the light of the world." There in the "Presence of God" chapter was my answer:

     Make it a habit to raise your heart to God,
     in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day.
     Because he gives you this and that...
     Because someone has despised you...
     Because you don't have what you need,
     or because you do have it.

     And because he made his Mother,
     who is your mother, so beautiful.
     Because he created the sun and the moon
     and this animal or that plant.
     Because he made that man eloquent
     and you he left slow of speech...

     Thank him for everything,
     because everything is good.

What a wonderful summation! And what a great reminder that there's a purpose for everything and that it's all good.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Donna! I am always filled with thanksgiving, and this was a gentle reminder to keep voices my thanks to God not only for the "good things" but for everything including my limitations, because they are all gifts and graces.