Saturday, March 12, 2011

I must be doing something right

Maria, my "miracle child" who just turned ten, was conceived with no medical intervention at the ripe age of 46 after a lifetime of infertility and within months of meeting Dan, the love of my life.  At this stage of the game I was planning retirement and focused on my career, and I knew far more about cats than I knew about kids.  As with any first child it's been hit or miss and at the end of an exhausting (but irreplaceable) day, I know why you're supposed to have children in your 20s and 30s.  So much for "keeping you young."

She recently had a homework assignment in which, as President of the United States, she had to identify three or four issues facing the country and talk about how she would solve them.  We talked about the concept and how to structure her thoughts and then she was on her own.  Of everything she wrote, this is my favorite...

Education / Schools

I think we should have longer school days to increase education in children.  I believe it is important because children should have these facts to get them far in life, go to college, and have a good job.

For the schools that the kids go to, I think we could do a couple of things to make them better: better lunches, a high of 300 calories, and longer recess to let out energy and calories from add-on snacks for kids who are still hungry.

Bathrooms should have a couple of sinks and stalls and good quality soap.

We need tougher lesson plans and more kids in advanced classes in subjects like Social Studies, History and Spelling.  I think that all kids should learn as much as they can learn so they can live their life to the fullest it can be.

I am far from a "tiger mom" yet she gets straight A's and balances the demands of a good education with appreciation for simple creature comforts.  And she's kind, loving, funny, creative, energetic, artistic, helpful and sensitive as well as competitive and a bit of a sore loser.  What more can I ask for?  Nothing, except continued guidance from our Blessed Mother, for whom Maria is named, so she can experience the love, wisdom, faith and adventure that brought her into this world.

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